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When I was looking for a tool to assist our members to help them realign their business direction I had a very broad remit. I wanted to address the sole trader’s right through to the large business owners but I needed to be able to help them put all the facets of their work and lifestyle together and come out with a harmonious direction that they could live and work with! A tall order I thought and then I went to a day course on Gear Up For Success and bingo!...this really works! Some of our members have now been through a workshop and the results have been astounding with testimonials of life changing decisions that were just not expected, through to business diversification and achievement of short term goals in record time. Almost too simple! Gear up for Success is truly a valuable tool for all areas of your life.

Tina Tilley - CEO Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce

Here, at last, is a clear system you can follow by using the excellent tools provided to set your own goals and genuinely gear up for success. As an independent reviewer, I have tried the methodology and it works. If you want to ramp up your game, then this is the program which will make your own achievements surprise you at every level.

Peter Bennett – Partner, Bennett Griffin LLP Solicitors and Notaries.

I can hardly believe that only two months have passed since I attended Paul Trew’s workshop, Gear Up For Success, as so much positive change has taken place. I knew I was at a crossroads in my life, both on a professional and personal level, and Paul’s inspiring and accessible workshop helped me to review my goals and set a course for action. I have let go of areas that were holding me back, I’m enjoying the journey and welcome the challenges ahead. Thank you Paul!

Sharon Miller - Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional

I found the course enabled me to identify my leadership style and appreciate other styles and ways of achieving success through correct vision and communication. An appreciation of effective motivation through team building to achieve business objectives was gained through the workshop.

Steve Hopkins – IT Manager

Having just completed Gear Up for Success I can say that it is has been one of the most useful courses I have ever attended. Rather than telling you what to do, it enables you and gives you a process for marshalling your thoughts in a clear and structured manner which enables you to tackle any problem you have that needs solving. The next day I applied it to a schools day I was involved with and helped the children with problem solving in a very productive way. I have also applied it to an induction programme for a new member of staff and she has commented that she has never been given such a clear work plan before. I would highly recommend Gear Up for Success as a practical course that can be immediately applied and produces results.

Lisa Hector - General Manager, Link Romania

I found the Gear Up For Success programme really helped me to make some important decisions in my future career and how to move forward. I have put it into practice immediately and am now actually getting things done. Thank you.

Sharon Bennett – Pre-school Manager

I was introduced to Gear Up For Success by Paul during a Leadership and Management training event. The techniques provided are versatile and can be applied for everyday use. I used the tool in a number of circumstances for both professional and personal reasoning. It provided me with the ability to analytically separate tasks into achievable sub-tasks while still maintaining the overall goal and objective. As a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental professional, the achievement of set goals and objectives is a fundamental requirement and principle of continued improvement and management systems. I have found Gear Up For Success to be both an effective and valuable tool within my arsenal.

Scott Andrews - ACQI, AIIRSM